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I'm finnish girl,whose room walls are full of Lavi pictures. So, I'm BIG Lavi fan and of course.. I love D.Gray-man ! : 3

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Ever since then I’ve been able to see the soul within an akuma. At first I thought it was because Mana cursed me… so as punishment I wanted to become an exorcist. But as I started to see more akuma, I noticed they don’t cry to express sorrow. They cry to express love for those who made them into an akuma. As if they are trying to tell them why they weren’t strong enough to live. So it isn’t really punishment, but I still wanted to live as an exorcist. This curse is my destiny… akuma are sad beings. They should never exist in this world! That is why I will destroy them!
Happy 10th Anniversary D.Gray-man (31.05.2004 - 2014)